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What is CG Procedurals ?

CG Procedurals was created to improve the user experience of many plugins/sofwares like RailClone, MCG (Max creation graph)... for users who do not have enough skill over the plugin or simply don't have the time to recreate an asset that may already exist for their project.

We have come to the conclusion that resellers of 3D models like turbosquid have been around for quite some time now, but at present none of them provide procedural models ...
Why continue, for example, to buy fixed 3D models of stairs or spend several hours to create from scratch while you can download an already existing asset, configurable and adaptable for your project?

RailClone is a very interesting plugin in a production environment when you keep your files and evolve them over time.
I realized that many people don't capitalizing on the time they spent to make a RailClone and leaving their files abandoned once their project is finished.

So group these files? Clean them up and share them with others to feed this procedural library and to help users who have already taken part in the adventure ! 😉