Road lines generator


Create your own road lines disposition with a fully procedural RailClone generator for your 3ds Max projects.

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This solution allow you to generate many road lines and road signage for lots of situations that we can find every day in the world.

About this RailClone :

  • 3 maps of paint degradation in 2K seamless size (young, medium, old).
  • 4 available colors that we can find outdoor (white, yellow, orange, blue).
  • More than 60 High Quality planar models to real dimensions.
  • 3ds Max files with Corona and V-Ray setup.

About the use :

  • Only need to manipulate a 3ds Max spline to realize everthing that is possible to do with.
  • Work with a no-cast shadow layer putting the RailClone 1 cm above your surface (don’t keep your surface material properties).
  • Work with a no-renderable layer adding the RailClone to a DistanceTex map on your surface (keep your surface material properties). I recommend using this especially when your surface is inclined, the DistanceTex map is already create in the solution. By this way, you can easily add your own models and forms on surfaces.

About the spline ID :

  • 000 to 100 : reserved for single-repeat floor signage
  • 100 to 120 : reserved for the central road lines
  • 120 to 140 : reserved for the side road lines
  • 200 to 300 : reserved for multiple-repeat floor signage
  • 300 to 320 : reserved for parking lines in battle
  • 320 to 340 : reserved for slotted parking lines
  • 340 to 360 : reserved for herringbone parking lines

You can watch the tutorial to have a better preview of this whole solution :

You can aslo have a look to the Behance page review of this project.

Additional information

.max version

2020+, 2019+, 2018+

RailClone version

RailClone 4.1.3






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