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NEW category available

Hello ! A brand new category is available, we are now selling max creation graphs ! Thanks to IvanMax for his contribution with his new modifier that creates topology-based framer objects from editable poly objects. It’s very usefull for creating facades, windows and more ! and it only cost 9,99€ !


Latest products

Create railclone stairs easy as one spline !

Create 100+ industrials stairs and railing with just one spline thanks to this asset for RailClone. This pack contain MEGA STAIRS & MEGA RAILING. Don't waste time anymore !

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The best way for creating realistic railclone buildings, fast...

Create a full modulable house easily with this railclone ! Create wall ext, wall int, door, simple window, double window, Bay window, acroterion, garage door and more with splines ! Change the ID material of the spline to change the type of segment and change all sizes independently !
Add door handle, hinges with one clic !

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