NEW category available

Hello ! A brand new category is available, we are now selling max creation graphs ! Thanks to IvanMax for his contribution with his new modifier that creates topology-based framer objects from editable poly objects. It’s very usefull for creating facades, windows and more ! and it only cost 11,99€ !

RailClone Library become CG procedurals !

RailClone Library has changed to CG procedurals. The concept is the same, but we are expanding our library to other procedurals assets, so if you know MCG, railclone, MaxScript or OSL you’re welcome !

The data base has been transferred, so you can login with the same account and find your previous purchases in your account. Hope you’ll enjoy !

Joign us !

You use RailClones, MCG or an other predural software ? Join us and start to sell your assets now !